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Genealogies of the Clark and Stokes families from Massachusetts

Hal's paternal Clark ancestors were concentrated in the farmland that surrounds the parish of Riccarton in Ayrshire County, Scotland about 1000 years ago when family surnames were first beginning to be used. They were relocated to Northern Ireland as part of the Plantation of Ulster around 1609. They immigrated to Western Massachusetts in the early 1700's and established themselves in the Duxbury, Vermont area around 1800.

Hal's maternal Clark ancestors were concentrated in the vicinity of Alyesbury, England and immigrated to Milford, Connecticut about 1636 and established themselves in Sheffield, Massachusetts around 1800.

Nancy's family (Stokes) originated in England, immigrated to Eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire and then established itself in Starksboro, Vermont in 1812. Bertha Hanson of Starksboro, Vermont compiled this history of the
Stokes family.

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